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Liver Herbal Detox Program

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This Liver Detox Program program is designed to detox the body of acids, heavy metals, parasites and lower blood sugars and cholesterol, but is particularly good at improving liver function, reducing fatty Liver and protecting the Liver from toxic damage. 

The herbal combinations have been researched and proven to help improve Liver function and eliminate the causes, symptoms and promote the removal of heavy metals from the body

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The full 6 week program includes:

Total cost $250 (Saving you $54) 


Complete the 14 day Ultimate Herbal DETOX  (480 capsules)

  • DAYS 1 to 4 (Take 20 capsules daily) - On rising in the morning take 5 capsules each of Colon-aid, Digezaid, Livafood and Symlax.

  • DAYS 5 to 14 (Take 40 capsules daily) - On rising in the morning take 5 capsules each of Colon-aid, Digezaid, Livafood and Symlax. Repeat at Bedtime

  • During the 14 days follow the Liver DETOX Dietary Advice 

Ultimate Herbal Liver Detox Program

Follow this with:

LivaFood (120 capsules) and Symlax (120 caspules) 
Take 4 capsules of each daily for 1 month

Livafood is a nutrient rich formulation which supports liver function and provides a broad range of naturally occurring nutrients including super oxide dismutase which supports phase 2 liver detoxification plus 700mg of Milk thistle herb per capsule.

Symlax provides gentle bulking fiber and mucilage to support elimination and maintain bowel health. High in soluble fiber for healthy bowel movements and excellent blood sugar balancing support. Symlax will encourage a healthy intestinal flora and help balance blood sugar levels. The capsules can be emptied into water and stirred to give even greater bulking effects. The addition of Aloe Vera and Chia Seeds make Symlax an excellent prebiotic.









Liver Detox dietary advice

Foods for Detoxing the liver

See the Liver Detox research page

  • Broccoli - and the rest of the brassica family of vegetables are proven to support Phase 2 liver detoxification, eat plenty of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage (all kinds) and kale; in-fact rocket was observed to protect the liver against induced hepatic injury through its potent antioxidant activity.
  • Raw fermented vegetables (see recipe) – give increased nutrients and support the health of the colon which in turn aids the liver
  • Onions – all vegetables from this family including leeks, garlic and shallots provide natural mustard oil glycosides that greatly support liver detox processes. 
  • Beetroot – for blood building (the liver contains 13% of your body’s blood); beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is high in iron, is a good antioxidant and has been shown to protect liver cells. 
  • The hepatoprotective activity of Beta vulgaris may be attributed to its antioxidant (2) and anti-inflammatory (3) activities. The plant is safe to use even in large doses. Phytochemical studies on roots of Beta vulgaris have shown the presence of betaine, betacyanins, betaxanthins, oxalic acid, and ascorbic acid.
  • Turmeric – a common spice you can add to soups, casseroles, curries and rice. Turmeric protects the liver against oxidative stress, improves blood circulation and improves liver function and detoxification processes.
  • It has been shown that curcumin is very effective in preventing liver damage induced by paracetamol overdose, and that the level of protection afforded by curcumin against paracetamol-induced liver damage is comparable to that of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), which is presently the main clinical treatment for paracetamol overdose in humans. 
  • Grapefruit - Studies conducted over past decades have suggested that the grapefruit might be active in cellular regeneration, cholesterol reduction, the detoxifying process, and the maintenance of heart health, in rheumatoid arthritis, for the control of body weight, and in cancer prevention. Grapefruit juice is an excellent source of many phytochemicals and nutrients that contribute to a healthy diet. It reduces fat accumulation in the liver and increases liver enzymes involved detoxification. 
  • Berries - These include Blueberries (Bilberry), Cranberry and Grape due to anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. The results of one study indicated that treatment with Blueberry significantly increased the liver enzymes, and spleen function, improving the proliferation of lymphocytes deriving from this organ. In conclusion, the authors suggested that consuming this berry type protected Liver hepatocytes from Oxidative Stress and could modulate the function of T cells.
  • It is important to remember that the anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins are widely available compounds in fruits, vegetables, and seeds of natural origin.

For more ideas see our recipes page here


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