If you’ve read the previous pages you’ll have noticed we’ve really gone into the background around what the energy is, how to connect with it, the nature of healing energy, how it moves, and all that sort of thing.

It’s not complicated, and really simplicity is the key to truly getting this technique to work. It actually couldn’t be easier.

You don’t need to do a training course or be certified, or anything like that. A number of us actually have a bit of a healing gift. It’s an innate ability that we’re born with. Others may need to work at it a little bit, but in essence, it’s a very, very simple thing to learn.

Think about this for example. When you get a headache or pain in your body, your natural instinct is to put your hand there to comfort yourself. We think of this as just a natural instinct, and it is. We have a built-in healing mechanism, and we all have it. That’s because our hands have the ability to transmit this healing energy.

Think of it another way. For example, when a baby cries and you pick up the baby, your natural instinct is to rub the baby on the back and use your hands to comfort. So there’s more than just physical thing taking place there with the hands. There’s actually an emotional, mental, and spiritual thing taking place there.  





The transfer of this healing energy is actually taking place as well because compassion is a form of love. It’s caring about another person and that’s immediately going to switch on the inbuilt healing mechanism that we have with our hands. Also when we do it with ourselves we’re showing ourselves compassion whether we are aware of it or not. That can actually be the hardest thing for us to learn to do.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the energy now. We’ve already spoken about this previously, but the healing energy is a form of energy that’s real and tangible.

We can feel it, and we use the method of meditation, tuning in and resonating with to become aware of this energy. Taking on the same perspective as the source of this healing energy, this universal source of intelligence and life. When we tune into that, we are actually able to start connecting with the healing energy.

That energy travels through our body, through our nervous system. So think about this. Our nervous system runs on electricity, which is, in essence, an electromagnetic energy, and light. Our brain and our nervous system is the channel for that electrical energy. It’s also the channel for the healing energy to move through.

Remember we spoke about healing energy as being a form of electromagnetism, or electromagnetic energy. In a sense, it travels through our body using the conductor for electrical energy which is indeed the nervous system. Our nervous system is our brain, our spinal cord, and our peripheral nerves. They branch out to the muscles in our body.

We know we can get electric shocks. We know the electricity that he travels through our bodies quite well. It’s the same with healing energy, but it will only travel when you connect the circuit. In other words, when you touch somebody and you show compassion with your hands, you’re creating a connection for that energy to move through.

The same applies with us when we want to do self-healing. Today what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk a little bit about how to heal yourself with your hands. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to animate the diagrams, and I’m not going to show the moving hands, but what I’m going to do is show you the points on the body that are most important to connect with.

As we spoke about, we need a connection to take place with the hands in order for the circuit to be complete, so that energy can flow. Now this energy comes from, you could say, from our heart. We’ve got a point which is above and beyond, our physical brain and it’s, I guess you would call, in our center, our core, our spirit, our soul.

It’s where the body and the spirit meet, and we often call that our heart or our spiritual center, our spiritual heart, and that’s actually where the energy enters the body. Although, you know we’ve spoken about it coming down, it does actually come down through the brain and the nervous system, but this is the other point where, at the highest level, where it enters our being.

That’s because that’s where we have this compassion and love and it’s also where our spirit enters the body. It’s the center of it. You’ll see this in different philosophies and religions that it’s around the center of the body area and it can vary a little bit depending on what you read.

Basically, when we have compassion when we care, our heart opens up, and when we put our hands out we are opening a channel for this energy to travel. It travels to our hands, and then what we need to do is place our hands on the person. In this case we’re going to start with ourselves.

We just talked about a headache, when you’ve got a headache you place your hands on yourself, but what I would recommend doing is putting two hands on your head and often this is easier to do when you’re lying down. so the points on either side of your head. This can be around the temples or around the ears, and even sometimes on the back of your head. Use two hands on these points.

So two points on the head are very good, and then also the heart itself it’s very good. What I find excellent is to put one hand on the heart and one hand on the stomach.


Those points are extremely good. When you do both hands you’re creating a nice, sort of almost like a figure-eight circuit which is fantastic. You can do these two points together and what you would normally do is lay the hands-on there, do the tuning, do the meditation and do the words we talked about earlier. Then just open yourself up to allow the energy to flow and to feel the energy.

The most difficult thing for people sometimes is to have a sense of self-love and self-compassion. That’s why it’s important to lay hands on yourself, because it gives you that natural instinctive response that you’re showing compassion to someone, in this case, yourself. The easiest way I find to do that is to go back to what we spoke about in one of the first chapters in the series.

This is taking a higher perspective so going above your own personality and ego and going outside of that and seeing the big-picture and realizing that you’re just like every other human being on the planet. We’re struggling we’re suffering this pain you know. There’s anxiety, there’s stress. There’s emotional turmoil. There are all of these things that go on throughout our lives and there’s no way of really avoiding them. It’s just a matter of how we deal with them and so self-healing is really a way of dealing with all of that.

When we do apply our hands and we tune in to that energy that we’ve talked about earlier, immediately we start feeling peace and stress starts to move out of the body. I should also mention the points on either side, just below your ribcage, where you’ve got in your body, your liver and your pancreas, your spleen, and gallbladder. So all these digestive organs.

Because they actually struggle a lot with stress and emotional stress they’re part of the gut-brain connection with the body. So those are the main ones that I do, would be the two on the head the heart stomach and the two sides around the digestive system. Those are very emotional centers and it’s good to start from the top and work your way down, but it really doesn’t matter, to be honest. If you do this for five or ten minutes a day, you’re going to be giving yourself self-healing. In-fact just meditating alone starts that ball rolling.

So just to finish off this section about healing with the hands what I’d like to do is talk about what might happen what you might feel and the way you can actually enhance this process. One thing I’ve found is your hands actually emit, when you’re really connected with this healing energy, they emit a bit of magnetism and you can, or some people can feel it. Some can, but when you push your hands together and just let your muscles relax and just feel what goes on between your hands.

You might start to feel a magnetic push or pull depending on what’s going on, but generally, you’ll feel a push and you might feel some warmth start to generate between your hands. So when you place your hands on the body you might feel a similar thing. You might feel warmth, and generally when there’s a lack of energy in your body you’ll feel the hands being pulled in.

In other words that part of your body has been under depletion and there’s not enough energy there. So your hands will be pulled in and energy will flow into that area. If there stress or build up in the body, which is the most common thing. It’s that we bottle energy up in process and it becomes bigger. There’s a mass of energy and you’ll feel it kind of pushing you away and you’ll have to actually push into that energy.

You’ll start to get lots of heat. So there’s a combination of different things that can happen. You don’t want to analyze it. Just let it happen. Last but not least you can actually encourage this energy to move a little bit quicker by moving your hands sometimes. So you might have had your hands laid on the body for a few minutes, and you feel that there’s energy coming out. Sometimes there is pressure or pain, or discomfort as the energy moves and it’s a bit like, you know, popping a pimple or something like that, as the energy is moving out. It can be feeling like that, a little bit uncomfortable.

So you can encourage the energy to move with your hands. Apply them over your body and move them up and down, outward and downward and at the top around your head, you can move the energy upwards.  Just to help the energy release and radiate out from your body. That’s the ultimate goal of it. So feel free to go with the flow.

There’s no strict protocol you have to follow and just allow yourself to be guided and directed by the energy. That’s what I really love about this method. There’s no strict protocol. You do what you feel comfortable with. Go where the pain is. Go where there’s discomfort or stress.

Go with what you feel is right for you, and you’ll get a great result. In the next section what we’re going to talk about how you can heal others in the same way and in the same fashion.

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