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How does SLIM work

The Ultimate Herbal SLIM Explained



Brett Elliott's Ultimate Herbal SLIM is the purest, simplest, most healthy and cost effective, long term weight management program. It is made in New Zealand from 100% natural herbs and has no dieting or calorie counting.

Why spend $100's or even $1,000's trying to get in shape with complex short term programs, when you can let nature do its job, once and for all.

Thousands of people have already used Brett Elliott's Ultimate Herbal SLIM to reach their ideal weight, improve their health, control their weight and transform their lives. You can join them today!

Instead of focusing on food restrictions, fat or calories, complex diets and fake foods, the Ultimate Herbal SLIM suggests one powerful philosophy "Get back to nature". By simply taking a few concentrated herbal capsules each morning and eating natural unprocessed food, you can completely relax and let nature work its incredible healing.

What can the Ultimate Herbal SLIM detox diet do for me?

Do you want to feel, energized, positive, satisfied, balanced, clear headed, alert, youthful, invigorated, buzzing with life and emotionally empowered? These kinds of results are definitely possible with the Ultimate Herbal SLIM program.

How does this weight management program work?

Simply by following the instructions provided you will gain the absolute best full body tune-up available. Everything in your body naturally begins to respond to the pure energy of nature provided by the herbs and the whole-foods.

Some of the benefits are:
  • Metabolic rate supported - By using herbs known the world over for their energy and stimulating affects, you can kick start your metabolism. This is very uplifting and rewarding. It also reduces food cravings and snack attacks.
  • Blood sugar balanced - Key herbs are used to nourish and strengthen the pancreas and reduce the damaging effects of food cravings on the brain. These herbs support and heal, while allowing you freedom from false hunger pangs. This metabolic stability greatly encourages maintenance of your ideal weight.  
  • Better bowel function - Bowel motions can increase reducing the load on your intestine. This means instead of going once every day, or even every other day, your bowel can start to move twice daily or more. This is very rewarding and greatly enhances your overall energy and metabolism.
  • Improved digestion - This bowel cleansing effect encourages increased digestion and better absorption of nutrients, giving increased energy and a sense of wellbeing. Indigestion and other intestinal complaints can be reduced.
  • Emotional stability - With better elimination and improved digestion come increased metabolism, more energy and an almost electrical positivity. This means emotional stability is encouraged. Feeling good, positive and charged can lift the spirits and this further increases your ability to heal and maintain your weight.
  • Weight management - Because digestion, elimination and positive emotions are all supported, weight management is almost a guaranteed outcome. The average person will lose between 10-15lb (5-7kg) in weight on the eight week program. Further weight can be lost in the weeks following as the delicious eating plan is followed. The program can also be repeated continuously using the 8 or 16 week program.

What do I get with the Ultimate Herbal SLIM program?

Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal SLIM program Is a capsule based program and comes with four 100% pure herbal products which are all manufactured in New Zealand.

The herbs are carefully selected for their specific benefits and combined to give you the kick start and balance you need.




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There may be detox effects including temporary nausea, headaches, bloating or bowel discomfort. If these symptoms persist stop the program for 24 hours and resume at a lower dose. If you have any health condition or are taking medications please consult your physician before use. 

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