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Your Detox Questions Answered

If you have questions about how to achieve a healthy detox then ask your questions directly to Brett Elliott. Creator of the the Ultimate Herbal Detox.


Hello Brett,

I use a pea based protein powder, (Balance) is it ok to use during the detox? I also have been taking fish oil tablets but stopped these for the detox; is that appropriate or not necessary?


Adrian Tyler

Hi Brett me and husband are both trying to detox using your 14 day program but we are concerned about the food we can eat as we are vegitarian and are indian we don't know what we can eat and what spoces we can use and if we can cook vegetables as usual or eat them raw also worried about next day lunch to office. Please if you can guide us would be great. Thanks

Brett's Answer

You can eat any vegetables that are listed here or in the user guide, and you can make coconut curry or vindaloo so long as you don't use flour in the sauce. Any herbs and spices are allowed, just no bread or noodles. Vegetarian food is perfect.  

I've just brought your detox program after weeks of extrene binge eating.... But have started my period. Can i take during my period?

Brett's Answer

It is better to do the detox once you have finished your period. The detox is purging the body just like your period and it is gentler on the body not to do both at the same time.

Is it ok to eat Indian food in an Indian restaurant on the detox?

Brett's Answer

Good question, You can eat Vegetable Korma or Vegetable Vindaloo, the raw dipping vegetables and yoghurt. You can't eat much else though, no meats, no Naan Bread or Popadoms and no rice.  

Hi there,
I'm nearing the end of the Ultimate Herbal SLIM and (as always, because I've done this in years past) I'm loving the results. I'm finding it very easy to eat only what I need and I find I'm not experiencing any real cravings for things that I don't want to eat. I'm wondering if I can do another SLIM kit immediately following this one? (I've been doing the rapid version over a month.) I'd love to be able to continue because I'm finding it easy to achieve the results I'm looking for.

Brett's Answer

Yes you can continue with the SLIM as long as you feel its working for you. There is no problem continuing the herbs continuously until you reach your goal.

is it ok to eat eggs now and then? also what is the option for a hot breakfast rather then Smoothies.

Brett's Answer

It is OK to eat eggs on the 30 day and 60 day plan but not on the shorter plans. Stewed apples, yoghurt and cinnamon is the best option for a hot breakfast see here

Hi Brett, which herbal teas would you recommend to drink during the herbal detox? Are any better for detoxing/weight loss than others? Is Rooibos a good option?

Brett's Answer

Rooisbos is ok for slimming but not detoxing. I recommend peppermint, chamomile and ginger for whilst on the detox

Hi Brett, I have previously done your detox before and loved it however earlier this year I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and I take a daily medication to control it, I am not yet in remission but once I am I still need to take the medication for life. Will your detox pills affect my medication from working at all?

Kind regards,

Brett's Answer

The herbs used in the detox program have no specific effect on your immune system but may indirectly assist in your healing by way of clearing the channels of elimination. In saying that it is always better to take the herbs at least 30 minutes away from prescribed medications to avoid any interaction, allowing each to operate independently. I hope that helps. 

Hi Brett, are you allowed to eat popcorn whilst doing the Ultimate detox? And is dried fruit ok, obviously not bananas. Thanks Jenny

Brett's Answer

No :-)

Brett's Answer

Yes you can exercise but I would only recommend moderate aerobics or walking and probably not more than an hour a day, otherwise you could burn out. It is a really good time to rest, relax and go within. Walking is the definitely best exercise during the detox.

Im preparing to smash out the ultimate herbal detox. Is it 100% Essential that I cut out ALL meat?will the detox not work at all if I am not strict? or will it just slow the process down? Cleaning my diet of all processed foods, gluten and grains is fine just small amounts of meats and veges is more up my ally and i will find it very difficult to surrender meat. Cheers.

Brett's Answer

It will only slow down the effect of the detox, but you can choose to follow the 1 month gentle cleanse program using the Ultimate herbal DETOX pack. This does allow you to have fish and chicken as well as eggs and rice. Maybe that would be the best option for you.

Hi Brett,

So I really need help choosing one of your programmes that you think would be suitable for me. I am overweight, stressed more then often, have daily headaches sometimes migraines and am always tired. I am unhealthy but with two kids and a demanding job I feel like I really need to change and become more healthy and fit again. Please help! Which programme would you highly recommend I try? One that is highly suitable and will help me to become fit and healthy again in the long run.


Brett's Answer

It is best to use the program calculator by clicking here 

It will tell you the best program to start with.

You can always use the live chat (bottom right corner of the website) to ask me questions if you need further assistance and I will usually answer you immediately. 

I hope that helps you get started. 


Hi Brett, I have previously eaten only raw foods for 12 days after advice from a friend that it would boost my energy levels. I felt great but I lost 3 kgs from 55 to 52 and I'm 174cm tall putting me on the edge of the BMI chart. I also have low bone density so I can't afford to lose any more weight. If I was to do your detox how do you recommend that I maintain or increase my weight? I currently eat a lot of bananas, meat, and brown rice but these are not included in your plan.

Brett's Answer

Actually I would recommend a lot of greens, spinach, rocket, silverbeet and plenty of protein from yoghurt, milk, whey powder, pea and rice protien powder during the detox, and more vegetable protein after your detox like lentils, dahl, chickpeas, mushrooms, eggplant. Also regular eggs, like 6-8 per week. Lots of good fats will also be very helpful for your growth hormone levels, so after you detox soft cheese, full fat yoghurt, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, cashew and brazil nuts.  I hope that helps, and I'm sure if you use the protein and green smoothies on your detox you could actually gain some strength.   

Hi, i have had it in the back of my mind to have a consultation with you but was wondering the cost and time involved (having a young family dictates these 2 things :)) About 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with with pityreasis/pityriasis rosea which has been very unpleasent...both unsightly and at times very itchy. Would your analysis indicate why i would have got this virus? And also would it be better to wait till spots have subsided before having an analysis (i understand this can be a few weeks but am believing for fast healing) Thanks for your advice. JADE

Brett's Answer

My approach would be to assist your body and its natural defense mechanism so you can recover faster, and perhaps build your reserves so this does not happen again. You are welcome to call me for a consultation 027 2080401

Hi Im sure I have small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Will this cleanse eliminate the bad bacteria. Im having so many problems with bloating and gas right now. Ive always had lactose intolerance and I don't eat dairy anymore but Im having problems with nearly everything I eat :( Its making me very unhappy. Im on a tight budget being a single mum who is studying so I don't want to buy anything unless I no exactly what it will do. Thanks Melissa.

Brett's Answer

There is a lot to be gained by doing this program for you. Intestinal dysbiosis is an imbalance of organisms in the gut. This occurs because our food industry basically kills all the food in the factory processing.

What our body basically does with our food is rot or decompose it, just like your garden compost heap. this means we need lots of bacteria, and natural plant enzymes. Raw food is best and herbs really help this process.

I would recommend our 25 day detox program  along with plenty of raw food. It would also be best to try and get yourself back onto some kind of raw natural yoghurt and probiotics. It may seem at first as though this is causing bloating or gas, but that's just because the negative bacteria are being killed and the fight between good and bad can cause a disturbance.

Extra garlic, raw onions, herbs and spices will help this battle be won permanently. No sugar, but a little fruit is OK. 

I hope that helps with your decision and you can always ask for help along the way.

Many blessings
If I had a small bit of plain chicken on the second day will the cleanse not work?y

Brett's Answer

It will still work, but the results will be slower, that's all. 

Brett,iwhen i started your 10 day detox,i prepared myself by eliminating all the foods prior to the 10 days,for 3 days,even before the 3 days i noticed i had a sore tummy,but perservered,but by day 3 they were quite intense.So i went to the doctor and after a blood test,got told i had severe gastritus,i was told to put the diet on hold till things settle down,they have and i am now good to go again!!! but i have only 6 days worth of tablets left,is there anyway i can get from you 4 days wurth of tablets from you so that i am good to go again??

Is it ok to do detox without gallbladder. Do I continue with enzymes I'm on (Creon)?

Brett's Answer

Yes to both question, although I would do the slower 25 day program so you don't get too much disturbance



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