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Electromagnetic Energy


In order to expand the realm of possibilities a little I would like to discuss our world in terms of energy, or more precisely electromagnetic energy. I won’t go into any in-depth science or physics but I would like to examine the potentials we have at our fingertips regarding energy and what we can do with it to transform ourselves.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

First of all let’s have a look at the spectrum of light.

Most of us are familiar with the spectrum of visible light such as the rainbow. We know that plants trap this energy from the sun into food which becomes the energy source for our body. We get energy from the sun in our food. But what about all the other energy that is around us and within us and what exists beyond the spectrum of physical light?

Have a quick look at the diagram of the spectrum above. This is the spectrum of electromagnetic energy. 99.99% of this spectrum is unseen by the human eye but it can often be felt. 

You can see the visible light and how it fits into the grand scheme of things. It plays a very small part. On either side of visible light are other electromagnetic waves of varying length which also transmit energy and complex information.

At one end we have radio waves. They transmit a tremendous amount of complex information through our atmosphere and through space. Now we have high definition television pictures and surround sound. It is possible for this to travel around the world instantly. This means that we have built into our planet and our universe an information highway with infinite potential.

At the other end of the spectrum you have gamma radiation which is emitted by the sun. This energy is powerful enough to penetrate our planet directly through its core. This means that even at night while you are sleeping, gamma rays from our sun are passing through your body continuously.

What I find intriguing about the spectrum is its infinite potential for energy and information transmission. If you consider the amount of information transferred by our television satellites at the low frequency end of the spectrum then how much more can be sent at the high frequency end? If you compare the wave lengths then the difference is clear. Radio waves are the length of a football field and gamma rays smaller than an atom. The shorter the wave, the higher the frequency and the more information can be carried. Not only this but the spectrum is open ended and continues in both directions infinitely. It is the infinitely high frequency that holds the most potential and it is this end of the spectrum that must carry the most power and information. Frequencies beyond the scope of our scientific discoveries must exist and this brings me to the most fascinating topic of morphosis.

Lets summarize:

  • The dark (or invisible) energy in our universe is over 96% of the known cosmos and is known to be the source of creation, which our entire universe sprang from, according to astrophysicists.
  • God is the creator of worlds without number and is all knowing, all powerful and ever present according to virtually all major religions.
  • The highest frequencies of vibration are known to be the most exquisite and uplifting to the soul and can bring healing, Love and peace. If we go within our own being and meditate will we not ultimately find that all we ever needed to resonate with, listen to and understand is right there within us? The creative source, life force, knowledge, healing power, light, energy and Love is all there waiting to be found by every soul on earth.

Personally I have found that combining detoxification and meditation together can bring a profound connection with this energy and with the healing spirit.

Check out my meditation method here 

Many Blessings

Brett Elliott ®

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